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Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!

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Free Amazon Prime for students [Aug. 10th, 2010|04:13 am]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!

Amazon is currently giving free 1 year memberships to Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping) to current students with a .edu email address: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info I'm not sure how long they're offering this (it doesn't say on the site).

Just thought i'd give fellow students the heads up on this in case you haven't heard about it yet. This is going to save me a ton on shipping textbooks this year!
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HELP~about apply for mass art [Aug. 5th, 2010|08:30 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!
I'm the senior  high student that really want go into MassArt.
But I'm not really good for the life drawing,also I dont know how many drawing I should put in my portfoilo?
Also, do they really think the ACT score important? because  I  only get 23 on my ACT,the min they told me was 21.

And the question about recommended letter...who should I find to write the letter will be best?

MassArt looks like really hard to go into...........
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is it essential to attend an art school 3-4* years? [Feb. 10th, 2010|03:26 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!
Recently I've been interested in majoring in Illustration.  I love art and I definitely wanna make it my career. I've applied to SVA and Art Center.  I would be extremely excited about going to either except for the fact that I'm going to be majorly in debt by the end of my time in at school.

I have a few q's that I would love to be answered before I feel good about attending an expensive school.

1) Is it common for people not to finish all four years and still be successful?  I'm guessing being in art is all about your portfolio and talent?

2) Is there a cheaper way I could take "lower classes" for a year or two? i.e. painting 1 2 3, drawing 1 2 3 etc... like at a state school or Junior College.  How easy is it to transfer those units?  I'd much rather get as many classes out of the way for cheap before i go so I won't have to go as long.

3) When all is said and done is it better to wait until you could get a larger scholarship to attend?  Kind of what I'm thinking of doing.  Going somewhere cheap for 1-2 years and getting better myself.
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Ringling..? anyone? [Nov. 2nd, 2009|06:51 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!


I live in France so it can get hard to get good info on an artschool.. which is why I wanted to know if anyones heard of Ringling College of Art and Design, in florida. If you do, im interested in anything you have to say. (im interested in illustration)  Same goes for SAIC, Pratt, SVA and MICA. Im starting to give up on my RISD dream... Yknow why. (the bling required happens to be overwhelming, man) Any recommendations? a school that is great for illustration and that might have a creative writing option?

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question about social-ness at RISD [May. 11th, 2009|05:47 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!

So, I'm a highschool junior, starting to look at schools. I visited RISD on Saturday and I LOVED it. Everything about it seemed awesome. I'm just really really worried about one thing. What are the people like?
I'm very social, and I like talking to all sorts of people. Is it super clique-y to the point where it's not like that? Also, as a girl, I never hang out with other girls. Are there enough (straight) guys at the school for me to hang out with or date or anything? And what kind of you know, "high school stereotype" do most people fit?
To me, the social part of college is a big deal, almost as much as the school part, and even though I love everything about the school, I don't wanna go if I wouldn't have friends. And it seems shallow, but I really want to go somewhere where I can have friends who are like me.
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hi. [Apr. 13th, 2009|04:00 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!

I'm not sure where I want to go to school yet, but I'm thinking California college of art. I want to major in creative writing. I'm going to a community college for a year. I'm confused on the whole transfer credit thing. Like how many courses do I need to take for 60 hours? Will classes like english 101 and 102 count as credits? Its confusing. I'd appreciate it if someone would clear this up for me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2009|10:59 am]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!


I got into School of Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts but its close to 40,000 a year and I'd need to get my BFA and then keep going into grad school to be able to do art therapy.

I also got into Art Institute of Boston/Lesley, with 7,500 scholarship renewed every year.

My question is, I know a degree for art therapy from Tufts would help me, but how importent is that in art therapy?  I know the first few years are tough but is it worth 100,000+ in student loans?

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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2009|01:38 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!

Anyone know of any art colleges that would offer Game Art/Design programs? I know of a few, but I'm wondering which ones you would recommend. I would love a school on the east coast (or close to it) but I'm open to anything in the US, pretty much. Thanks in advance! 
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2009|06:42 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the best schools for an illustration major? I recently attended CCA for a semester, but left due to personal reasons.

I am considering Art Center, SVA, and MICA....but right now everything sort of sounds the same when I look through their websites. I wish I knew what was unique about each school.
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transfer help [Jan. 29th, 2009|09:35 pm]
Art School: Frequently Asked Questions!
i am currently a sophomore in nyu's studio art program, and while it's a nice cozy art program, i feel pretty constricted by the traditional focus of study- i have a choice of concentrating in drawing and painting, sculpture, or video. also, there are very few classes offered each semester because the program is so small.
i know i want to switch to a real art school, and one with a more interdisciplinary focus. my main interests lie in installation, sound, and multimedia art. i've got good grades and nyu's liberal arts background + a foundation year.

the first schools that came to mind to apply to were saic and smfa. any other suggestions? i am pretty open to moving anywhere, haha. thankssss
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